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Hello! Bonjour!


My name is Nioushah Noushi (she/her/elle). I recently completed my PhD in the Faculty of Education (Integrated Studies in Education) at McGill University. In my PhD research, I wanted to understand how educators in dentistry, education, and social work conceptualized and incorporated social responsibility into their teaching at McGill University. 

Affecting change requires the interdisciplinary collaboration of various stakeholders. Creating mutually fruitful partnerships can support concrete and feasible action. This is why growing my network and collaborating across sectors is of utmost value to me.

I am a founding member of the Coalition for Dentalcare, a group of community stakeholders advocating for universal dental care in Canada. I am also a member of the Policy and Advocacy Committee of the Canadian Association of Public Health Dentistry.


I am also a co-founder and COO of Milieux Innovations Inc. (Milieux). Based in Montreal, we showcase ecosystem players, offer targeted networking opportunities, as well as curated resources for graduate students, early career professionals, and industry partners. We are a convener of the expanding innovation ecosystem in Canada, prioritizing collaborations and offering employers access to a highly skilled and passionate workforce eager to explore innovative and applied careers.

I spend the rest of my time improving my Spanish, dancing flamenco, and indulging in the culinary arts and mixology.

I look forward to working with you! 

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