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Operations Manager

Phone: 416-450-2855 

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Hello! Bonjour!


My name is Nioushah Noushi (she/her/elle). I am the Operations Manager of the OROT - Connected Health Innovation Hub at the Jewish General Hospital - CIUSSS West-Central Montreal. OROT supports collaboration by connecting entrepreneurs within the health tech space to healthcare professionals. Our goal is to promote interdisciplinarity and user centricity by keeping the user/client at the centre of product development to increase adoption and improve healthcare diplomacy. In this role, I manage all operations and over 20 projects.

I completed my PhD in the Faculty of Education (Integrated Studies in Education) at McGill University in 2022. In my PhD research, I aimed to understand how educators in dentistry, education, and social work conceptualized and incorporated social responsibility into their teaching at McGill University. 

I am a founding member of the Coalition for Dentalcare, a group of community stakeholders advocating for universal dental care in Canada. I am also a member of the Policy and Advocacy Committee of the Canadian Association of Public Health Dentistry.


I am also a co-founder and COO of Milieux Innovations Inc. (Milieux). Our goal is to support students, particularly graduate students, fulfill their potential through pivoting from academia. We're currently undergoing a pivot so stay tuned to see how we evolve!

I spend the rest of my time improving my Spanish, dancing flamenco, bouldering, and indulging in the culinary arts and mixology.

I look forward to working with you! 

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